Tenant Decorating Hacks: Maximize Your White Wall Potential

An advantage of living in a Dover rental home with white walls is that white is always in fashion. This popular wall color is very easy to update and is extremely versatile. When you have white walls as a starting point, you have a limitless range of interior design ideas at your disposal. You don’t even need to paint or put holes in the walls, so you don’t risk losing your security deposit. Here are a few interior design ideas to kickstart your creativity for your rooms with white walls.

Creative Contrasts

White makes beautiful contrasts. You can use that to your advantage when picking out curtains. With a home that has white walls, you can go for bold-colored curtains without overwhelming the space. Contrasting colors are pleasing to the eye, and curtains that provide a bright splash of color will coordinate beautifully with the white walls around them.

Scandinavian Style

The trendy Scandinavian style is all about clean lines, minimal decor, and lots of white. If this is your kind of aesthetic, your white-walled room is the perfect place for a soothing and uncluttered look. Rugs and furniture in soft, neutral tones keep things functional and serene.

Pop of Color

If you like white and neutrals but are worried that an all-white palette can become boring, why not add accents in vivid color? You can add life and personality to a room without making drastic changes by using a single shade such as emerald green, navy blue, red, or orange. Throw pillows, artwork, rugs, curtains, and other elements in your chosen shade can make those white walls pop!

Oversized Accessories

White walls make the perfect background for truly dramatic interior elements. Consider the visual appeal of a gorgeous oversized plant, vase, or piece of art on a clean, white wall. Even just one or two large accessories can be the show-stealing focal point of any space.

Black and White

There are few decorating schemes as timeless as a black-and-white approach. This classic is both sophisticated and simple at the same time. For a classic, coordinated look with your white walls, you can add some black furniture, a black-and-white patterned rug or curtains, ad even photos or artwork in black frames.

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Hanging Mural

If you want an accent wall to offset your white walls but can’t paint, you might want to consider a removable mural instead. You can find adhesive, removable murals in many stores. In addition to coming in a variety of colors and patterns, they are easy to apply and remove. Compared to a single-color accent wall, a large mural acts as a focal point and an artistic complement to your plain white room.

Play with Patterns

Heavily-patterned and textured furniture, rugs, or curtains look great against white walls. There are many more things you can do with patterns in your furniture and accessories as white walls can serve as a grounding backdrop for your things. If you are not used to using patterns in your decorating, your white walls can be a canvas for you to experiment with something more colorful and vivid, for a change.

Before you unleash your inner interior design, be sure to chat with your Dover property manager about the guidelines within your lease. Not renting from Real Property Management Seacoast New Hampshire? Now’s your time! Browse our available rental listings!



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