Five Inexpensive House Upgrades to Boost Your Dover Property’s Appeal

Five Inexpensive House Upgrades to Boost Your Dover Property’s Appeal

Upgrading a rental house does not need to be unprofitably expensive or a pain. There are a handful of reasonably priced or free approaches to taking a so-so rental property and boosting its appeal to prospective tenants. By adding certain no-sweat touches, swapping out numerous hardware or fixtures, and doing some financially manageable resurfacing, you can make your single-family rental property one that quality tenants will be choosing to rent. Actually, with just five not-at-all-difficult upgrades, you can boost your Dover property’s appeal.

Changing Hardware and Fixtures

Replacing small hardware items, for instance, doorknobs and light fixtures at the top of the list among small upgrades that can have a huge impact. Over time, hardware and light fixtures can tarnish or look dated. When this comes about, a rental home’s interior can negatively impact prospective renters. Merely updating old light fixtures in key rooms, putting a ceiling fan in a bedroom, or adding matching doorknobs, locks, and other hardware can generate visual appeal that is far greater than the costs. Hardware and light fixtures don’t need to be fancy or uneconomical; a very simple and basic fixture that looks clean and modern will normally do the trick.

Increasing movement in the rental market in the summer is caused by good weather and life changes. Since more homes become available in the summer months, finding a rental house may be easier. The issue with this busy season is that rental rates tend to rise in tandem with demand; hence, if you’re searching for a bargain, there are better times to make your move than summer.

Touching Up the Paint

While repainting a rental home’s interior is one salient way to procure that fresh, clean look tenants appreciate, it is possible to get a similar effect by doing small touch-ups. Based on the level of wear and tear, the total interior may not need a full paint job in-between every tenant. If this is the situation in your rental property, painting an accent, the trim, or a few walls can put together the look of freshly painted walls without spending too much time or money.

However, it is worth remembering that rental availability and rates can also differ depending on the local market and economy. Due to lower activity, searching for rental homes in the winter in some markets can be more challenging. That indicates you’ll need to begin your search a bit earlier than you would if you moved in the summer.

Resurface the Countertops

The look of a rental home’s countertops can impact the property’s overall appeal. In all likelihood, more than other features, a great countertop can lend a kitchen or bathroom a custom look and an upgraded feel. Fortunately, it is a matter of fact that installing granite or other expensive options is not necessary to accomplish this same result. There are so many varied countertop resurfacing kits available that can tender your old countertops an instant facelift without the designer price tag.

Finally, your preferences and what is available in your local market determine the best time to rent a new home. While the summer months may give more opportunities, winter can bring lower rental rates. It is best to research and start looking early to locate the perfect rental for you.

Since every rental market is special, speaking with a local market expert to get the best information and advice is highly recommended. Call Real Property Real Estate to talk to a property manager, or you can browse our listings online.

Don’t Forget the Details

Interior decorators appreciate that adding certain small touches to a home can make a big difference. Dover property managers can follow that example. Putting in new cabinet handles and drawer pulls to a bland kitchen can add beauty and function, quickly upgrading otherwise tired old cabinets.

Updated and matching faceplates are other small details that can make a home interior feel more put together. Cracked or mismatched faceplates can certainly affect a room’s feel and visual appeal. You can make each room in your rental house much more appealing by simply replacing each faceplate with new, matching ones.

Likewise, put in mind to add certain tech-friendly touches! For relatively little money, you can put together smart updates to your rental home that tenants will truly appreciate. For example, switch one or more regular outlets in key areas to outlets that have USB ports. You can even turn a GFCI outlet into a charging hub. Or, contemplate getting a video doorbell, smart light bulbs or plugs, or a Wi-Fi-enabled garage door. All that money you spend on these updates will add value to your property and make it a lot easier to attract quality tenants.

Landscape for Free

A rental home’s landscaping is a really important part of the property’s curb appeal and can even be one of the primary causes a tenant chooses your property over another. A clean, low-maintenance yard is very good for rental homes, but tenants enjoy trees, flowers, and other beautifying elements. To add certain low-cost colors and green to your rental yard, look into your local utility or city website. Quite a lot of cities give away free trees or other plants to property owners. Specifically, remember to check the “Free Stuff” section of your local classifieds. In these ads, people conventionally advertise things they no longer need – for instance, shrubs and trees – to anyone interested to come and get them. In that regard, you can upgrade your property’s landscaping for no higher cost than a little elbow grease and a shovel.

In Conclusion

Tired of doing it yourself? Why not give Real Property Real Estate a call? It doesn’t matter if you are endowed with one rental home or several; our goal is to protect and maximize your real estate investment. Backed by over 30 years of nationwide experience, our property managers are here to help rental homeowners grow their rental income while lessening expenses and inefficiencies. Contact us online or call us.



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